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November 21, 2006



Wow! this site is hip as hell. Have you seen the Chathams yet? My new Rover Sport should be in anyday. Do you know anyone who can detail it while i'm on Ajax? Be cool dude!! Tips up.


Nice site...I like it !! Great work! Now we need some real juicy gossip on it!! Maybe you can get the newspaper to write you up!

Barry's Little Brother

nice blog dude! you're a good documentarian, keep it real! Coming out 01/02/07 for some turns, tunes and tequilas- look you up then, take it easy.

Jumpin' Jack Flash givin' gas.

Pics make me yearn to turn. Great local and extended local flavor!

Steven Canner

Hey ,
Sounds like things are going well. Nice site.
Send me your address we want to send you some mail.


where are bunnies

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