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December 24, 2006


Booger McGee

There is something horrible happening in Aspen this Christmas. It’s not the Denver blizzard that has kept so many away. It’s not the knife fights. It’s something more grotesque and disturbing. It’s the slotting problem at Aspen airport.

I work hard at least three days a week to create enough wealth to buy a least a modest jet for my family to fly to Aspen. Nothing fancy, maybe just a Hawker or a Falcon. I’m not one of these hoity toity types that need full ownership of a G. I want my children to feel humble and, well, like the rest of the kids. But no more.

I will no longer work as hard to achieve my dreams. I will not sweat the four hours a day (on over half the days of an average work week) toiling to buy 50 hours on a Net Jet.

The Aspen Airport slotting problem has ruined my life. It was bad enough a few years ago when you had to land your jet in Rifle because there were no slots into Aspen. But now, rifle is over loaded and periodically unavailable, which requires you to fly all the way to Grand Junction. Grand Junction! Is that even in Colorado? Why bother working so hard to land in Grand Junction. We might as well drive our car from Michigan or perhaps ride a bike.

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