> 4 Mountains under a GROOVE

Sir Nose thought he was the main attraction, he was bounced off the stage.

Contrary to popular belief, StarChild was not about flip us off. He was gettin ready to get funked up.

Jumpin' Gene Anderson was funkin' Flaaaashlight, Neon light, red light.....da da da dee da da.

Gary "StarChild" Shider got all diapered up for the George Clinton show at Belly Up.
In this picture he's shouting sh*t, g*d d*m, get off your a$$ and Jam. The crowed obeyed.

This is a shot of dancer, Sir Nose before he was tossed off the stage by StarChild.

Brunettes, Nonnie and Hanah showed for George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. They must charge big money for gigs----there are about 15 members of the All Stars.

We want da funk, gotta have that funk. Clinton refused to stop jamming until the lights came on.

George Clinton, the king of Funk can still tear the roof off the sucka.
Just tune into W-F-U-N-K---we-funk radio.

Mindy and Sarah, two caucasian ladies seemed to get FUNKTIFIED. Gentleman, please note that the big X on Sarah's hand means UNDER 21.

George Clinton still can tear the roof off the sucka. He and his band of All Stars played to a SUPER-sold out crowd.

This dude Phil Barney was the king of schwaaaag. If you smiled at him you got a HONDA SKI TOUR hat or T. Aspen Spin scored early and often.

Michael Goldberg supervising The Mothership at THE BELLY UP He's usually on the other end of the lens.

The ski industry is known for their progressive grooming standards. Ken Keeney is in marketing for SPYDER. His pink mohawk was just temporary. Aspen spin hasn't worn Spyder before---we're gonna start.

Security was tight at the Sky for Tommy Lee. Molly King carried 2 walkies and checked for laminated passes before she cleared the way. Luckily all the hot girls carried the right credentials.

Amber and Nicole were in Aspen to promote Honda. The local cops have traded in their Saab's for Volvo SUV's. Aspen Spin's buyin' a Honda.

Former Olympian and current ski film star and world class skier Reggie Crist and his new fiancee, Lauren checked out the Tommy Lee DJ set at 39 degrees.

Animal prints were big at the exclusive Tommy Lee party. These two cougars (that's a compliment) were way up front near Tommy's turntables.

Tommy shakes his money maker, as his security detail scans the crowd.

Tommy Lee attracted a lot of blondes. These ladies had no inhibitions about being on the internet.

KSPN's music diva, Jamie Lynn dug the beats laid down by DJ, Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee gets into DJing just like he got into boating with Pamela Sue and Heather Locklear---full speed ahead. Check out all the ink!!! Crazy!!

Tommy Lee fans will do almost anything to get close to him. Audrey and Debbie from L.A. were ready to prove it.

Who knew spinning discs could be like a full-contact sport. Tommy Lee works up a sweat at he jams. His star tat's are pretty gnarley.

Chris Anthony, extreme skier and veteran of 19 Warren Miller flicks give the Double Diamond salute.